Life before Modernity


Ride your bike through the Roman ruins of Acquincum and to the largest open-air Village Life Theme Park in Hungary. You will be fascinated by the ethnographic museum ‘Skanzen’ showing traditions and displaying architecture of the past, like thatched-roof houses, wind mills and other attractions. Visit Hungary in one day!
You will complete your culturally rich and entertaining travel experience by walking around the artists’ town of Szentendre and will return to Budapest through a fashionable stretch of the riverside known as the Roman Beach. Enjoy it! 

Tour begins at 8:45 AM







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Starting Point Meeting near Margaret Bridge on the Pest side of downtown. Find your Guide with the branded Kheper21 ebike by the Imre Nagy Monument located in Jászai Mary Square.
Acquincum – Roman ruins En route we stop to have a look at the excavation site of the ancient Roman settlement, Aquincum – for centuries, the center of the Province of Pannonia. Over the course of just one hour, we can see artifacts spanning over two millennials.
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Skanzen Ethnograpich Musemum This is the largest Hungarian theme park based on village architecture. Within the vast territory of the park we find tiny villages representing the traditional life style of people living in different Hungarian provinces. Riding our bike from one village to the other we will visit farmers’ homes, wind mills, barns, taverns and churches set in a scenic green area.
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Short Break Let us treat you to a drink at an old village inn.
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Lunch Around 1:00 pm we turn back to Szentendre and have lunch at one of the many taverns or cafès along the river in downtown.
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Town of Szentendre After having had some local specialities we can indulge in the richness of local traditions and the culture of the ethnicities who have been living here.
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Margit Kovacs Exhibition Next, we visit the exhibition of Margit Kovacs, a gifted ceramist who was a member of the local community of artists and has a great collection exhibited here. Later we will also have time to see shops of local atisans on the main street.
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Ending Point Tour ends in Budapest near Margaret Bridge, in Carl Lutz rakpart (pier 4) after a short bike ride from Szentendre.


  • Expert Professional Guide
  • Ebike 
  • Public transport (if scheduled on the trip)
  • Water and cereal based snacks
  • Coffee/beverage
  • Accessories: Helmet/hygenic cap (bandana)/Lock/backpack


  • Meals
* Level 1: easy - Level 2: medium - Level 3: hard


Seven Days Living Fantic

  • Maximum adherence
  • Increased autonomy
  • Functional, elegant and full optional

Entice 3.B Kalkhoff

  • Easy to ride
  • Safe and Comfortable
  • Full optional