The Amber Route: where our Hungary travel began

It was in 2007 when the passion to discover the beauty of the Transdanubian Region started. In Szombathely, (or Savaria the latin name) the oldest town of Hungary crossed by the Amber Route, we founded our company AmbraRoute with the new idea of “Hungary
travel”. What is its main purpose? To show the beauty of this region by completely immersing yourself in a land rich in culture, history and traditions from the beginning of the Roman age until the present day.

Our new project:

We call it beyond emotion!
The innovative Kheper21 project shares our travel experiences and invites people to discover some of the most magnificent places of the Transdanubian Region in an alternative way.

New emotions and dynamism help you to discover unique places ranging from the mountains of the Eastern Alps to Lake Balaton (the largest lake in central Europe) and from the extraordinary Lake Heviz, the first thermal basin in the world, to the amazing capital of Budapest itself.

The promise? It’s beyond emotion



The innovative way to travel
in Hungary

Enjoy travel experiences and discover Hungary from new perspectives in a safe, comfortable and fun way with our ebike day trips.
We offer unforgettable journeys in Budapest and the Transdanubian Region accompanied by our professional local guides while riding selected premium ebikes. An innovative, eco-friendly and fascinating mobility concept designed to give authentic moments whilst experiencing the culture of some truly amazing places.

You choose!

How much emotion do you want in your Hungary travel experience?
Find out through your trip preferences.

Decide for your travel experience

Our travel experts have created original and dynamic day trips, just for you: the Urban Vibe type with new and environmentally friendly itineraries to discover the soul of
Budapest; the Country Explorer program with passion-filled journeys immersed in tradition and different cultures that characterize the Transdanubian Region; last but not least the Nature and History type to allow you to dive into nature and discover more about the region’s history.

Choose between our recommended ebikes

We offer premium brands on the bicycle sector: Kalkhoff, Fantic, Focus. For your Hungary travel you can choose between different e-bike models in terms of characteristics and performance that best fit the itinerary. So, what will you choose an urban, discovery or adventure ebike?

Do it privately
or join the group

With the first option you can also choose your preferred languages to make your trip as comfortable as possible.


Hungarian places and traditions

How to move around in a new way

How to ride and enjoy an ebike

The history of our brand Kheper21

The history of our brand starts from the magic meetings we had with the green beetle (rose chafer) during our journeys in Hungary.
We were lucky to see it more than once!
In ancient Egypt, well known as Kheperer, it was synonymous with knowledge, fortune, creativity, renovation and protection.
It embodies our values and it lives in healthy, authentic and green spaces where we love to go.
The number 21 and the green beetle symbols strengthen the values ​​of guidance, personal elevation and the desire to discover.